Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Grey Ghost {Detroit}

The amount of time that I have to dedicate to writing is basically non-existent.  I'm studying to take my CFP exam hopefully next March and so my 'extra' time in front of a computer is (currently) reading about risk management and insurance and calculating annuity payouts (blargh).

Somehow, Andy and I found an evening to check out Grey Ghost in Detroit.  Besides picking out our cocktails we basically took our server's suggestions for food to order.  But even the cocktails were worth writing about - mine was called "Man on the moon" -- Rye, yellow chartreuse, sesame, pineapple and lemon.  It was HOT on Sunday so this drink was super refreshing and easy to drink.  And it had an adorable mini clothes pin involved, so I was into it.

We started with the in-housemade fried bologna, on top of a sharp cheddar waffle, YUMMM.

The smoked whitefish (it was no fried bologna, so it was ok).

I had the filet for my entree and it was soo good.  Perfectly cooked medium rare on top of whipped potatoes and served with onion rings.  These leftovers were perfect served over rice for Cal the next day ;)

Andy got the duck breast served with strawberry-rhubarb BBQ, collard greens and peanut granola.  And we shared the grits (too much food!  But it was great to try so many different flavors).

Nothing on the dessert menu sounded good but I wanted something so we were recommended the "strawberry nest".  It was odd but there was like a strawberry shortcake underneath the nest of dough and it was tasty!

^^ This is what I get when I ask Andy to photograph the dessert.  Oh well :)  Now my current favorite out to dinner dress is pictured toom yay!

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