Friday, March 24, 2017

Women's March {Ann Arbor}

It has been about two months since the Women's March but here I am, finally posting our photos from the day.

I debated going all week, since I had a massage scheduled with a woman that takes a month to get an appointment with -- she's seriously THE BEST.  But the ridiculousness of my dilemma got the best of me.  A massage?  Charlie, come on.  Get over yourself.  My desire to participate, and perhaps some guilt, made me finally, with about 48 hours until the march, commit to going.

Like many, this past election cycle was the beginning of an interest in politics for me.  The main reasons I didn't get involved or talk about politics in the past is because (1) there was so much I didn't understand that I felt too overwhelmed to learn since I was figuring my own life out, I didn't have time; (2) my participation didn't feel like it would make a difference, so why bother, and (3) I was sure the politicians know the right thing to do, they are more informed than I could hope to be, and I'm sure they will do a good job, right? ....Right?

WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!  How wrong was I?  Now that I've taken the time to learn the things that have plagued me for years....Khan Academy, American Civics, for the win (click here if you have no idea what Khan Academy is!)....I feel compelled to participate.  Also, when I realize that I don't know something about something I'm interested in, I'll try to do some reading to get up to speed, or at least learn enough to be able to have a discussion with someone else.  Educating myself has been key to conversing about issues that are important to me because trying to make a point based on my feelings won't get me (or anyone) very far.

My point of writing this post is for two reasons.  I wanted to share my photos from the Women's March because the signs were outstanding, the colors and the day was beautiful, I'm still kind of amped up from going and, finally, more importantly, if you haven't been very interested in politics in the past, I hope you get involved now too.  Speak up.  Form your opinions, do your research, talk about issues that are important to you, be willing to talk about issues that are important to others, be heard.  It is our duty.

Sure, I still feel somewhat insignificant but I hold on to the principle that the whole is more than the some of its parts.  Obviously, if everyone does their part to be involved, it can make a difference.  

Enough of my lecturing, though.  Here are some colorful photos for you to enjoy!

^^ In other news, I got a selfie stick for Christmas and I am terrible at it, but I like it anyway :)

I like the summary sign on the left.  Difficult to read but it has the golden rule all over it:  Women's rights are human rights, Science is Real, Black Lives Matter, Love is Love, Diversity is celebrated.  Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

One of my favorite messages:  my body, my choice.  I'm not sure I can understand an argument otherwise.

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