Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Miss Kim, 327 Braun Court and The Last Word {Ann Arbor}

To recover from a dreary Friday day, we had a very exciting date night planned with Ariel and James!  Andy and I put on our "uniforms" and headed downtown to hopefully snag a table at the new Korean restaurant in Kerrytown called Miss Kim.

As you can see we got lucky!  Manhattans for the boys and me and the Bees Knees for Ariellie...

We are all look so happy to be out (and we were)!  We don't get out much these days haha

Food that we didn't have to cook ourselves!  And DELICIOUS!

Rice cakes (top left), tofu (top right) and my first ever pork buns in the foreground.  Pork buns on fleek.


This is the "uniform".  I've only gone out like 3 times in the last 3 months so I bought this jumpsuit with booties for the season instead of a dress with heels because I can't handle being uncomfortable (difficulty walking, cold, skirt riding up, etc) if I have the option not to.  #momlife

Ariel and I got dessert at The Bar at 327 Braun Court, in the form of White Russian (not pictured).  James' date night beer and a shot (vague). and Andy stuck with manhattan.

Then we trekked over to the Last Word.  More pictures!  With Flash!  My fav...not.

We got into bed, already hungover, around 1am.

And Calum woke up at 3am...reminding me of why I try not to have too much fun, I pay for it later!  Or right away in this case haha.  Calum can giveth and he can taketh away.  


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