Sunday, October 23, 2016

Coleman's Farm {Saline}

Last weekend we took Calum to his first pumpkin patch / apple orchard / baby animal farm / spot for m&d to eat fresh donuts at Coleman's Farm and Corn Maze in Saline, Michigan.

There are tons of places to get pumpkins and fruit around Ann Arbor, the tough part was choosing which one.  But, the baby animals sold me on Coleman's.  The animals were quite friendly and interested in all of the attention they were getting (with the prospects of getting a little snack, of course)...

Cal was content observing them from a distance.

While his friend, Will, is working on standing and walking to get close enough to say hi!

The donuts were $1 each or $8 for a dozen.  Obviously, Andy and I were up to the challenge of six donuts each.  Look at this deliciousness!

I managed to eat about 4.5 donuts in one day.  Did I feel great afterwards?  No.  Do I regret it?  Not one bit.  Eating warm, fresh donuts is one of my favorite fall activities :P

First favorite?  Baby & pumpkin photo shoot...

^^ Just moments before Cal tasted the pumpkin stem ;)

^^ Will has the sweetest little sad face!

Time to pick our pumpkins to take home to carve!

Andy was holding Calum in this pic! #theLongestArms

^^ Rachel braving the most dense apple orchard we've ever seen

After looking at animals, eating donuts (yes, I let Cal have a taste, I feel guilty not letting him in on the goods!), picking pumpkins, picking apples and taking lots of pictures, Mr. Special was tired and it was time to go home.

Next up...a simple, low-sugar, apple crisp-like recipe for the apples we just picked!

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  1. Lovely photos - what a cutie! Wish there was pumpkin patches here... just sad looking ones in the supermarket for Halloween!


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