Saturday, October 8, 2016

Cheese Ravioli with Mushrooms

We are all about yummy, generally healthy, homemade meals.  A quick and easy meal used to be an after thought but these days it is a necessity.  I want to share one of our new fam favorites that is yummy, quick, easy and was inspired by one of my favorite blogs, Cup of Jo.  Check it out, Joanna and her team/guest bloggers are SO good.

I usually try to reserve photos for appealing looking vegetables in natural light but in the interest of keeping it real and not holding back a delicious easy meal, I present to you a dinner plan and a way to use up a vegetable that is on its last leg (ahem...squash).  

Big cooking change from before Calum arrived is we now buy shredded or shaved parmesan.  I prefer the shaved parm but had shredded this time because I was trying to recreate an amuse bouche we had at Logan of shredded zucchini and parmesan with a bit of balsamic vinegar.  It was a fail.  I don't know how they did it but it was delicious.  Oh well, it wasn't meant for me to make I guess!

About this dish though.  Melt your butter (I can't remember how much I used but I'd guess I used about 3 tablespoons) and add veggies with a splash of wine if you're so inclined.  Wine is totally not required, I've done it both ways.  I say save the wine for drinking ;)

Prepared your pasta while you make your topping.

Once veggies are basically done, add some raw walnuts.

Then add your cooked pasta.

It was looking a like it needed some greenery so I added arugula that we had in the fridge.

Serve it up and top with parmesan.

That's it.

Super easy, quick and more decadent than I expected!  This is absolutely in our rotation of meals and I hope you all give a shot too.  Yum!

In other cuteness, how sweet is Andy's captive audience?

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