Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Motherhood: The Best Advice I Listened to

{Jules lost a toenail and was bleeding all over the place so we held him down, bandaged him up and laughed hysterically while he attacked his foot}

I don't often take others' advice.  But as a pregnant lady, I was the target of a lot of advice (both solicited and unsolicited).  I've watched my friends and sisters (appear to) seamlessly make the transition into motherhood so I was eager to hear their words of advice for me as I joined the club.

As the year has gone on I've decided there is no right or wrong way to be pregnant/parent.  I assumed I would feel more strongly about what the 'best' thing to do or not do but I don't.  With obvious exceptions that endanger your children, I am a firm believer in doing what works for you and your family.

While I tried to soak up as much intel as I could (and still do) from those who are more experienced than me, I have to say these two gems are worth passing on.

The best advice that I listened to while pregnant was:  "Get as much sleep as you can"

I slept like my life depended on it (wait, doesn't it?) and it felt great.  Enough said.

The best advice that I listened to as a mom:  "Ease yourself into going back to work full time"

I know I'm so lucky to have had the option to ease into work and I thank my lucky stars for it.  My boss is super flexible, my husband's job is flexible and we saved the entire pregnancy to have a 'kid fund' so we wouldn't feel squeezed without my full salary.

After official maternity leave, I was able to work part time for almost two months.  The last week of my part time schedule we sent Calum to daycare two days (Tues/Thurs), then three days (the usual Tues/Thurs plus the first day of September), then four days (thanks Labor Day!) and finally a he went to daycare for five days in a row last week!  (And is sick to show for it haha, but that's to be expected!)

I've enjoyed being back full time and when I'm there I want to be there.  I don't feel like I was rushed away from my baby and back to reality.  I'm thankful to have had the option for such an easy transition.  Of course it is sad to not see him all day but reuniting in the evenings (and mornings, too) is so special and fun.  Don't get me started on the weekends.  I used to love weekends but now it is a whole different ball game.

He is pretty un-phased by daycare.  He seems to like it and he's learning from the older kids - he now realizes a jumper is for jumping not just a toy station ;)

In other news, Calum made his first piece of art for daddy's birthday present and I got Andy some Arsenal swag.

Like I said, counting my lucky stars :)

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