Wednesday, August 31, 2016

SMB {Swim Club}

Last week, Calum and I invited some mama and baby friends over to join us at the swim club.  Since we know all too well just how difficult it can be getting out the door, we gave ourselves at least an hour or so for everyone to arrive.  We chatted about life and babies and snacked on Crust cookies and La Croix.  We've been getting together for a few months now and it is fun to see these babies grow together!

{I love this photo of me nursing Cal - thanks Kayla for taking it!}

After a few hours of gathering and getting ready ;) we made it to the pool!

Vivi and Cal were the first ones to test the water.

Arms up, Sagey!

Two words: baby thighs.  SO sweet :)

^ Mali is rocking his Brazilian themed trunks thanks to his Brazilian mama, Kayla :)

Paige and Isaac (who I always want to call Tony!) had a little photoshoot as a shout out to his swimmer daddy --

Sarah and sweet Vivi <3

Ilana and the deepest-sleeping-baby-you-ever-did-see, Sage.

As you can imagine, it didn't take long for the sun and water to wear these babes out...

Except Calum, of course.  He was tired too, but that didn't slow him down from drooling all over Malichi.  Sage was interested in watching Calum try to stir up trouble...

It was a fun afternoon, as always!

See you next time ladies and babies, xo

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