Sunday, August 21, 2016


Hi, hi, hi, hi!

It's been a while.  As you can imagine, blogging gets knocked way down the priority list when cooking, cleaning, work and sleep need to be squeezed into my baby-free time!  But I haven't given up on my LBL.  I take so many pictures and I need this outlet to organize, preserve and share our goings on ;)

We are in a stage where Cal consistently fights his third nap of the day and we don't try too hard to convince him to sleep since bed time is right around the corner and night sleep > nap sleep !!!

To keep everyone sane, it works best to go do something during his so-called witching hour, and last Tuesday that was going out to dinner at Mikette - a new french bistro that opened recently on the north side of town.

Calum had the tasting menu.  Meaning, I looked down and he was eating the menu.  He also sneaked in a mouthful of the table.  Oops!

^ That is his tired & guilty face

And this is Andy's not tired and happy face :P

We shared the haricot verts - with onions, hazelnuts, basil and olive oil.  These were so good and I'm looking forward to trying them at least one more time before I try to recreate this at home.

I was craving mac & cheese and was happy they didn't question my ordering off the kids menu.  It hit the spot!

He was sooo tired but also happy to be sitting outside and quite interested in our food...


We also shared the poulette and frites, which I posted on Instagram the other day.  It was delicious, great to share and came on a pretty plate FTW ;)

So we're not up to anything crazy these days.  Just enjoying this precious time with our newest family member and working on settling into our new normal :)

(...all while chasing around our naughtiest family member, Mr. Jules)

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