Monday, February 29, 2016

Our Baby's Nursery

We are officially ready for our baby to arrive!  His nursery is all set up and his parents are very ready to meet him.  He must feel the same way because he always has a surprisingly strong jab to throw when we talk to him.  I'm trying to get as much sleep as I can, per the advice of many friends, family and strangers (ha!) but many of you know that at almost 10 months pregnant, sleeping through the night or comfortably isn't really a thing.  I didn't know about that little tidbit of information ahead of time, but we're making it work over it's good practice for our life to come, right?

On to a more exciting part of pregnancy - let me show you his nursery!  It is comfortable, warm, boyish, babyish, functional (we hope) and it sticks to the same style of decor as the rest of our house :)

Andy and I had such a fun time picking out all of the special pieces for our little boy's room.  I hope you enjoy these photos of our new favorite room for our new favorite babe!

^^ We're kind of obsessed with his custom made mobile by this talented woman on Etsy.

^^ Everything is so cute and tiny!  Lots of hand me downs from his cousins mixed in a with a few new things from all the people who already love him so much!

^^ We are in love with this Acacia mirror, it's so pretty and will be moved to another safer location in our house once he is tall enough and walking around.  It is quite heavy!

^^ Road Trip Tula!  We can't wait to wear our little one around this summer <3

^^ Of course, Andy is so excited to watch his team with his little boy.  These kits were actually the first baby thing we bought!

(Check out what it used to look like, yikes!)

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  1. Congrats and it's a beautiful nursery! I even pinned a few goodies for my sister who just found out she is expecting :) Love that space quilt especially!

    xo Annie


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