Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lemon Butter Love x Warby Parker {Part II}

Friday, I came home to this ^^ box of goodies!

As you may remember from my post last Tuesday, Warby Parker contacted me a few weeks ago asking me to review their Spring 2016 line of glasses.  In my condition - where buying clothes is no fun - I was happy to oblige by ordering my 5 free frames using their Home Try-On program (free shipping both ways!).

Before I spent some time on selfie-love this Valentine's Day weekend, I tried my hand at pouring heart-shaped blueberry pancakes for my Valentine... 

Not bad, right?!  He liked them, but he loves my pancakes in any shape haha.  I used my Banana Pancake recipe but instead of banana I used 1/2 c greek yogurt.  If you've never made homemade pancakes, seriously TRY IT.  It is super easy.  Just a few more steps than buying a dry mix and the same-ish amount of dishes ;)

Enough about pancakes, let me get on to the selfies (...which, at 9+ months pregnant, selfies are totally my favorite!  Hence all the thrilled looks, ha!)  

(1)  Dorset frames in Whiskey Tortoise

My review - This is a studious and 'safe' look that I thought I would like more.  Warby Parker has such fun and colorful frames, surprisingly this one didn't do it for me this time, but is certainly an 'easy' look to pull off for probably anyone.

(2)  Kensett frames in Atlantic Blue

My review - I LOVE the color.  I'm realizing more and more how much I love the color blue and this is a perfect combination of deep and bright.  The keyhole nose is new to me and perhaps a little harder to pull off but I think I could do it!  Gah, I just love this blue!

(3)  Finch frames in Bellini

My review - I like the color but it kind of matches my skin too much.  It was tough to get a good picture of them, let alone look good in them.  The Finch frames are a nice and easy shape that I would like to try in a bolder color.

(4) Haskell frames in Crystal with Manzanita ring

My review - These frames are fuuun...  A double take was required for me to feel out an opinion on them because they are so odd.  I liked these more than I thought I would and if was in the market for more than one pair of glasses, these would be a top contender because they are so interesting and unexpected.  (Wait, maybe I should be in the market for multiple frames...)

(5)  Preston frames in Gimlet Tortoise

My review - These ended up being my favorite!  Bright, big, nerdy-ish and kind of animal print.  I think I found a winner!  An 'intro' to bold glasses for a newb like myself but also a very easy to wear shape and color.

Find their Spring 2016 lines here for eyeglasses and here for sunglasses.  Be sure to use hashtag #LemonButterLove and #WarbyHomeTryOn if you try your 5 free frames and post photos on Instagram - I'd love to see!

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Thank you Warby Parker for asking me to participate and review, it was fun!


  1. I'm in the market for clear frames, so just did the try at home thing from Warby Parker too! Tried #4 and loved them. Did you know they also come with a light blue inside rim? Love that you went with #5. They look great!

    xo Annie


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