Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lemon Butter Love x Warby Parker {Part I}

Most people wouldn't guess that I need glasses.  You'll almost never catch a photo of me with them on because I am crazy-blind and the thought of lacking peripheral vision in public or while driving frightens me.

I found this Eye Sight Simulator online so you can see what I'm talking about.

The top is photo is my natural vision...

And the bottom photo is what one should see.  (I know - it's bad!)

I mostly stick to my daily contact lenses but when Warby Parker recently contacted me to review their new Spring 2016 line I was all about it.  Not only is this relevant to my poor eyesight but shopping for new glasses suits my current 'condition' - ha!  (Read: I can't justify shopping for anything new for Spring right now with my baby due in just 4 weeks!)

Warby Parker's Spring 2016 line is full of bright colors and it makes me so excited for warmer weather!  Just look at these vibrant colors --

{Preston frames in Maraschino}
{Laurel frames in Peacock Green}

You can't beat the Home Try-On program either:  you can choose 5 frames, they'll ship them to you for free and you get to live with them for 5 days before shipping them back (return shipping is also free!).

I ordered my 5 frames and now I am anxiously awaiting their arrival.  Once they get here I'll try them on and see which ones I like best - and then I'll post photos in Lemon Butter Love x Warby Parker {Part II}.

In the meantime, preview my picks below...

(1)  Dorset frames in Whiskey Tortoise,  you had me at whiskey..., a Spring 2016 frame shape

(2)  Kensett frames in Atlantic Blue,  because I am a sucker for all things blue, a Spring 2016 frame shape

(3)  Haskell frames in Crystal with a Manzanita ring,  a refreshing spin on a classic shape

(4)  Finch frames in Bellini,  a WB favorite to pair with my green eyes #yas

(5)  Preston frames in Gimlet Tortoise,  although I would have loved to try these in Maraschino (a Spring 2016 color, pictured above) they weren't available for Home Try-On and the Gimlet Tortoise color was a close second for me - I love the almost 'animal print' look of these, I think they'll go with a lot of my outfits

Check out the Warby Parker eyeglass selection click here and sunglasses styles here.

If you give their Home Try-On program a shot, be sure to tag me on Instagram @charlielbl #LemonButterLove with #WarbyHomeTryOn - I'd love to see!

Stay tuned for photos in Lemon Butter Love x Warby Parker {Part II} ...

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