Friday, January 15, 2016

A Wine Trick

Tee hee hee, I just love wine.

I was having it for breakfast here ^^ in Paris on our honeymoon.  Une cafe was way less cafe than I like to drink in the morning and instead of getting the stink eye for ordering an excessive amount of coffee, Andy and I would get du vin with our cafe instead.

And salads for breakfast too, because you never know when your next butter-free vegetable will be in France...

Not only is wine delicious for drinking, leftover wine that has gone stale - I know it probably doesn't happen often, but it does sadly happen - is good for cleaning pots and pans!

The other day when I arrived home from work Andy was looking pretty devastated because he thought he ruined my favorite saucepan by boiling water that eventually evaporated and then burned the inside of the pan until it was black.  I use this saucepan literally every day to make oatmeal for breakfast.  And then probably at least two other times a day for various food warming that we do (we don't have a microwave).

But I said, don't worry!  Let's boil a little wine in it and see if that helps.  I had heard this trick before a long time ago but hadn't used it before so I wasn't sure if it would work or not.

As you can probably guess since I'm writing this post, IT TOTALLY WORKS!

We poured just enough wine in to cover the bottom, brought it to a boil for about a minute and then dumped out the wine, used a regular, non-scratch sponge with dish soap and water...voila!  The black stuff came off and the pan is as good as new. 

Isn't wine amazing?

Speaking of wine, here are a few more photos from the Loire Valley France where we drank lots and lots and lots of French wine....great now I'm drooling...

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