Sunday, December 6, 2015

Rachelorette in Charleston!

A few weekends ago the baby and I took a trip to Charleston to celebrate one of my dear friend's Bachelorette party.  Although we're months away from the wedding, she was sweet enough to have the Bachelorette - or as we like to call it, the Rachelorette - early enough so that I could join too!

Of course no bachelorette party is complete with out gingerbread man-parts...I'm just glad my carry on didn't get searched - nothing to see here people, just a pregnant lady with some cookies!

Team Bride jars made by Ali!
Obviously I couldn't really participate in the drinking festivities but I haven't seen Rachel in over a year and this was my first time meeting the rest of the bridesmaids so I had really been looking forward to this trip!  Plus, I've never been to Charleston and we had a culinary treasure map laid out for the weekend ahead, as well as some other fun activities - a group barre class, a trip to the blow dry bar to work on our big southern hair and a horse drawn carriage tour!

After having Rachel open her gifts, we played serious games of Heads Up, which I've decided is an awesome game and I want to play it every day.  I wish I had some pictures from this game but we all got way too into it to mess around with pictures ;)

Before dinner, we stopped in at The Gin Joint...

This chillaxin' fox reminded me of my Jules <3

Manchego with red pepper jam and a mocktail for this lady!

Tea & Strumpets for the table (and creme brûlée before dinner, why not!?)

Me and my newest partner in crime planning, Ali...

Those selfie stick skills, though... :)

We went to Pearlz Oyster Bar for dinner.  I have to say this Asparagus and Crab bisque wasn't anything to write home about...

My main dish was tasty enough - I think this was Mahi Mahi over grits, green beans and corn and black bean salsa.

While I arrived in Charleston midday, the others flew in from New York in between the hours of 5 AM and 7AM so they were up early!  After a long day of travel, full bellies and a few drinks in, 'we' shared a beer flight at a local pub then headed back to our suite at the Quarters on King.

After all, we had a barre class to make it to in the morning!

Not surprisingly the photo we took after class was lost.  We weren't in great form on only a few hours of broken sleep - which made the class that much more hilarious.  Have you taken a Pure Barre class?  Tuck, tuck, tuck.... and it looks like no one is doing anything half of the time (although based on the toned bods in the class I'm sure they are doing something right).  Plus the ab series, just count me right out, I kind of just sat on the floor and looked around while doing some 80's style leg lifts, ha!

A few highlights from Pure Barre:
- Tucking
- Gyrating
- A 'regular' stealing Rachel's ball
- "Just slide right into your splits..." say what?!
- Laughing uncontrollably when we made eye contact with anyone

A silly but fun way to get moving in the morning!

The silliness continued on our trip to Triceratops coffee post-barre...

After showers, we shimmied into our Rachelorette shirts...

Slipped on our Team Bride bands...

And hurried to wet our beaks at Hominy Grill!

By now my baby was affectionately named Charleston Chew :)

We ordered the fried green tomatoes with ranch to start...

And we all ended up ordering with the Big Nasty Biscuit - buttermilk biscuit, fried chicken, sausage gravy and cheese...

Or the Shrimp n' Grits with mushrooms and bacon...both were AH-mazing!  And sharing is the right way to go, it would have been sad to have to make a choice.  I have to say, being pregnant on this trip had major advantages - I really enjoyed the food!

I had talked a big game in the weeks leading up to this trip that I was going to be able to do a 2-mile walking tour, so we met at the steps of the Custom House building on Bay Street.  But by the time we walked to brunch and to the meeting point, not only was the guide person not there waiting for us (pretty sure the tour started on the other side of the market) but I was not feeling like I could walk for another 2 hours and enjoy it.  As it turns out, carrying extra weight around takes a fine toll on the old hips!

The girls were all so nice and were happy to do a horse drawn carriage tour.  There were several options but we went with Palmetto Carriage Works and met at the Big Red Barn at our scheduled time.

Cluck Norris

Ali made friends with Cluck Norris before we climbed aboard our carriage.

While our guide provided a lot of interesting information about Charleston, I retained about 1% so if you want to learn more about Charleston's history I suggest a carriage ride while you're there!

^^ The Hat Man from the Haberdashery

Rainbow Row

After our tour we quickly stopped off at the suite to get jackets and hurried to our hair appointments at Tease Blow Dry Bar.  We were greeted with complimentary glasses of wine then whisked away to our respective chairs to choose our hair style of the evening.

Feeling fab, we went to back to get ready for dinner.  And of course goofed off as we got ready.

HAHA!  So embarrassing.  I haven't done a proper fish face photo since probably freshmen year of college - I'm clearly out of practice!

Sooo, dinner, omg.  Magnolia's was by far my favorite food stop!  I was underwhelmed by Pearlz (though I think if I had some wine and raw oysters I might be singing a different tune) and a then super excited by the brunch at Hominy Grill and things just kept getting better with Magnolia's, my goodness.

The waiter raved about their fried green tomatoes - served in tomato butter.  I had never heard of such a thing but as a lover of tomatoes I was way too intrigued to pass it up.  Fried Green Tomatoes with white cheddar and caramelized onion grits, country ham and topped with tomato chutney, whoa, whoa, whoa!  I could eat this all day long!

Feeling kind of gritted out, I went for braised beef short ribs, with  butter whipped potatoes and brussel sprouts and rainbow carrot au gratin.  I melt.  It was so yummy.  Writing this I'm feeling inspired to try my hand at braised beef short ribs with a red wine au jus!  YUM!

The rest of the evening we bar/club hopped, played cards and danced.  Then came back to our suite to play drinking games with Cheetos.  "I'll do 10 Cheetos"  Lol, don't ask.

The next morning, Ali and I had early flights so we walked to get some coffee and check out the water one last time.  We found some name tags for my baby on the way

Charleston was such a wonderful place to celebrate Rachel!  See you girls in May! xoxo


  1. Love this post and love you! So many great memories and I'm drooling looking at those food pics. Can't wait for May!!

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