Saturday, December 26, 2015

How to Boil an Egg (...for a yummy salad)

I grew up thinking that a boiled egg meant a dusty yellow-green yolk (sorry, mom) that you would proceed to smash with mayo and pickles and then daintily spoon back into your hollowed out boiled egg white.

Boiled eggs meant a battle with the egg shell, trying not to disturb the delicate smooth shape of the egg while removing the crackling white eggshell.

Eggs meant a refrigerated product that could not be left out at room temperature, lest they spoil.

I used to be afraid of a raw egg.

Now these things that I used to know seem kind of silly to me.  I might have a bit of a cowboy attitude toward food and/or perhaps I've gotten a little too spoiled in the bubble that is Ann Arbor and now I'm food snobby.

As I've aged and learned to feed myself - constantly on the hunt for new recipes, new foods to explore, new cooking methods to attempt - I've developed a passion for cooking and have gotten pretty good at it (right, L.M.?)

I've also discovered some foods/methods that I'm not good at.  I'm not great at making a boiled egg.  I Google 'how to boil an egg' each time I go to attempt it.  It is quite frustrating to undercook an egg, as I destroy the too-soft whites while trying to peel it.  But with each destroyed egg, I'm learning.  I'm making progress.

A boiled egg does not mean a dusty yellow-green yolk but a vibrant yellow-orange, somewhat moist yolk.  There is an easier way to peel an egg.  Eggs are sold next to canned goods in Europe and eggs from the farmer don't go in the refrigerator.  Raw eggs are probably okay to consume as long as they are from a good, safe source (here is where my cowboy attitude takes hold, 'good' and 'safe' might mean something different for me than you).

So, like most of my posts, this one is for me to remind myself of something.  While I'm not good at boiling an egg, I have recently succeeded (and recently failed) and I hope to get better as I boil more eggs.  Because, gosh, I just love a perfectly boiled egg!

Do you have any funny food stories from childhood?

I used to think grilled cheese had to be burnt black too, I didn't realize that a golden crust was also an option.  (Sorry again, mom and dad! )  My parents aren't terrible cooks, I swear :) haha

My quest for egg boiling skills started because we've recently decided to switch up our dinner salads from this Simple Salad or this Kale Salad to a Cobb inspired salad...

-Romaine lettuce
-Baby spinach
-Cheddar cheese
-Red onion
-A boiled egg

This baby doesn't even need dressing :) :)

So finally to the point of this post, to remind myself how to boil an egg, here is the method I like for now:

In a small sauce pan, add enough water to cover 2 eggs and begin to heat to a boil.  Once the water is warm, not boiling, add two eggs, set a timer for 10 minutes and continue to bring to a boil.  Once the timer goes off, remove the sauce pan from the stove and set into the sink.  Run cold water into the sauce pan with the eggs, dumping the boiling water as you fill up with cold water.  Once the water is cool to touch (about 1 minute), gently tap the egg against the side of the pan and peel.  In theory the egg shell and membrane should come off in large chunks rather than tiny-piece-by-tiny-piece.

I originally found the recipe here, but read it wrong and developed the above method.

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