Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rome Day 3 - Borghese Gallery, a Little Black Dress and Ponte e Parione

A moody sky and the colorful Piazza Navona...

It was our third day and Rome and I realized that I hadn't had any gelato.  A situation that needed to be remedied right away!

Gelato is served everywhere but I didn't want to stop in the local corner store for gelato, I figured if I'm going to have some, I want the really good stuff.  Andy found a place near the Spanish Steps, which was on the way to the Borghese Gallery.  I believe it was Venchi...

I couldn't decide on one flavor so I ordered the hazelnut and the pistachio gelato - and they were both so good!  Though you wouldn't know it from my mean mug in this picture haha...  I've since heard about Giolitti's gelato if you're going to Rome anytime soon, maybe worth checking out.

The Column of Immaculate Conception...

After our quick gelato break, we walked on directly UP on our hike to the Borghese Gallery.  I bet San Franciscans have no problem with this walk.  I realized that I live on a very flat part of Ann Arbor.

We arrived at the Borghese the instructed 15 minutes before our scheduled time to wait!  We went on June 13 and the tickets were sold out through the 18th so if you're planning a trip, you have to book ahead of time!

If you follow me on Instagram (@charlielbl) you probably already know this story!

When we were allowed in we were all ushered to the top floor which was like a sauna.  Super unpleasant and the art wasn't that exciting, so we breezed through it and went to search for Bernini's Apollo and Daphne.

A depiction of this photo...

...but carved out of marble...

The detail and movement was just incredible - I mean, this started as a huge block of marble!  I'm continuously blown away by sculptors!

Bernini's David -

After about an hour and a half in this relatively small gallery, we headed toward the front gate to make our exit and go find some lunch!

^^^ I could eat this stuff all day, everyday!!!

We scoped out an orange tree in someone's courtyard.  As I mentioned in this Rome Day 2 post, I have a soft spot for citrus tress <3

I loved all the colors in this photo, the cars and the buildings...

When the sunlight is perfect and you're in beautiful Rome, you have to take advantage and take a bunch of pictures...

As promised in this post, I had to steal my niece Maycee's go-to move for pictures...

We eventually headed back to the hotel to freshen up before dinner.

My husband was patient enough to let me capture these pre-dinner shots.  What. A. Hunk.

I found this Crochet Hem Tunic Dress from Asos for a very reasonable price!  It is my go-to little black dress for this summer.  I could tell I would love this dress when I watched the "cat walk" video on Asos.  I lean heavily on these little videos when I purchases things online, it really tells a lot about how the fabric moves and fits a human :)

I paired it with my barely there Scalloped Chloe flats.  Before leaving for our trip I had my cobbler add soles to the front half of the shoe.  Anyone who has tried this supple flat knows it is so delicate and soft and would be ruined way too quickly without the addition of a sole.

We managed to snag a table on the patio at Ponte e Parione and ordered a 1/2 bottle of the house red.  In Italy (and France for that matter) you really can't go wrong with the house wine - they do it right!

We started out with the bruschetta.  It looks a little sad but it hit the spot!

And on to 1/2 bottle number two in no time ;)

I ordered the Cacio e Pepe with zucchini flowers (the inspiration behind throwing zucchini flowers in this pasta with scape-basil pesto that we made at home about a week ago)

Andy ordered this meaty, cheesy pasta...

After dinner we stopped in for a couple of Duvels at a dive bar where I found out that the owner/bartender was known as "Sam Malone"...and then we watched him hit on very young lady customers and cringed a little...

^^ Selfie-stick, schmelfie schmtick.  Nothing wrong with a snuggly close up every once in a while!

....tomorrow we head to Elba Island!!!

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