Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#LW2015 #YOYO #TheDuchess

This photo sort of sums up Ladies' Weekend.  Every year, when the weather is still below freezing and we're all still bundled deep into our winter coats, someone sends out an email to the girls and we start coordinating a date in the summer where everyone can drive away from real life and meet up in Alden, Michigan.  Friday night we go to Traverse City and Saturday we rent a pontoon and spend the day on the Torch Lake Sandbar.  Lesli crafts an artistic sign for us to tape to our boat and Peter P. makes his annual appearance.  This is just how it goes :)

2015 makes our 6th year following this tradition!  It is surprising and amazing that we've been able to continue Ladies' Weekend during such changing times in our lives - new jobs, new cities, new relationships, new homes, new marriages, new babies - and yet we keep coming back!

This year, Iza, Ariel and I made it to Torch Lake Friday morning around 1:30 pm.  We quickly unpacked the car and shimmied into our suits to catch some sun while we wait for the rest of the crew to arrive...

^^ Daniel, Ariel's oldest son, received this raft from Grandma and Grandpa for his 3rd birthday.  Perfect for the ladies!

The weather was beautiful!  I think we all can agree this was by far the best weather year.  Normally its a little chilly or windy sometimes and we need to get our drink on stat to stay warm!  The sun did the heavy lifting this year!

Though she is 8 months pregnant, Ariel kept the tradition alive and made jello shots for everyone else for the sandbar!

We took a few group shots before heading out to Traverse City for the evening...I love the self-timer!

...and I'm still in love with my summer sandals (seen here, here and here) and my new fav little black dress from Asos for less than $40! (seen here in Rome and here on my Instagram on Elba Island, you can shop it here on Asos)

Do you know about this place?  Oh my goodness, The Little Fleet was amazing!  Located right on Front Street, there are close to 10 trucks parked in this lot, there was live music, a full bar and nice bathrooms in the building in the back and tables everywhere.  We will definitely be going back here!

I went for a quinoa salad from The Daily Blend...

And shared Korean beef tacos from Roaming Harvest...I'll be getting my own next time!  Delicious!

We stayed out in Traverse City later than we should have but #YOYO (you're only young once) so we danced the night away...

In the morning, 'Mama' Ariel stressed the importance of starting the day off right and made scrambled eggs, sausage, hashbrowns and a juicy, delectable cantaloupe for breakfast!

And then, the little rock star went to get the pontoon rental and picked us up at the cottage.

Slowly but surely the ladies piled in...

Get my top here on clearance!  Unfortunately my strappy bikini bottom is no longer available :(

At the Torch Lake sandbar, our bachelorette clipped on her booty veil!!! (from Etsy)

And I made sure to get some photos while the weather was still gorgeous (you never know!) and everyone was still accounted for (after a few, some ladies tend to wander away ;)

A few more accessories for our bride...!

It's fair to say we attracted some attention from other sandbar goers...

Midday, the Burger Barge is the place to be.  The veggie burger and the regular burger hit the spot.  Although I heard the grilled cheese is where it's at...next year!

Sadly I accidentally took someone's football home :(  I searched for the owner before we left but to no avail...

The first one to fall asleep....

After a long day in the sun and everyone was sufficiently sleepy, we put the smallest people possible on the job to lift up the anchor...

Obviously our DD...

Ariel taught me how to drive!

Kayla and I rode back to the pontoon rental place to see our furry friend, Kona.  His dad, Chase, another sweet chocolate lab, is usually around but we heard he was begging for food inside somewhere...we'll catch him next year!  

Just when you thought the day couldn't get any better...we busted out a #LW2015 cake.  I mean, come on.