Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lovers + Friends and Taylor Swift

I've been a Taylor fan since 'Tim McGraw' came out in 2006.  I'm no T.S. swag-wearing, social media-maniac swifty, but if you get me talking about her, it'll quickly come out that I'm a HUGE fan of hers.  Just to put it into perspective of how long I've been a fan, I met my best friend in 2007.  I've been buying Taylor's albums for longer.  Crazy.

I've never had a chance to go to any of her concerts before now.  Either I was too busy being stuck in a cubicle at work, moving from city to city (Ann Arbor -> Chicago -> New York City -> Ann Arbor) or I didn't know any one who liked her enough to go with me.  Like I said, you wouldn't know that I'm a Taylor fan unless it comes up in conversation so if I've known you in the last decade and you love Taylor as much as I do, we apparently didn't talk about it or we didn't have the time and money to buy her concert tickets.  So we jammed out to her Speak Now album in our 5 story walk up instead :)

No one I knew seemed to like her country music enough to pay to see her and all I heard most people say about Taylor was "she dates a lot of guys".  How profound.  Anyway, who wouldn't date a lot?  She was a teenager/early 20's, if you didn't date around when you were that young...well...too bad.  It is fun to see what's out there!  To experience rejection and then learn how to recover.  To have that awkward moment when you realize you aren't that into someone and you have to figure out how to gracefully (or not so gracefully) do some rejecting of your own.  It is that sought after 'life experience' that you get to use to help shape yourself into the person that you want to be!  And obviously for Taylor, it creates some great content for song writing.  So haters gonna hate....but I don't need to tell you that :)

When the 1989 tour dates were announced, I was feeling pretty lucky that she was coming to Detroit!  I didn't have to make special travel plans to fly to see her anywhere, which is nice, but I totally would've done it, ha!  I made it known to everyone that I was going to see her in concert this time around (or bust!) and I managed to find a few others who wanted to join me!

The day her tickets went on sale, I was not pleasant to be around. No one talk to me.  I need to buy these tickets at exactly ten o'clock!  I had Andy on standby in case my internet at work gave me a hard time.  But luckily, when the clock struck 10, I scooped up my six best available seats and cashed out!

FINALLY.  Nine years later, I'm going to a Taylor Swift concert :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Of course I had to get a dress for the special occasion!  Originally, I thought about what kind of fun 'themed' outfit I could pull together, perhaps a matching skirt and crop top (standard Taylor) or some crazy ball gown (Blank Space), but practicality won out and I found a dress that I could wear more than once!

I bought this Lovers + Friends dress on Revolve Clothing and it is perfection!  This dress is super soft and is fully lined - so not see through - with fun asymmetrical hem in the front so it shows off a little leg.  Totally appropriate to wear to see Taylor Swift and her million dollar stems! 

And it has a sweet, cut-out back! 

Then the weather took a turn for the worst and the temperature dropped 30 degrees.  It went from 80 and sunny around 3pm to 50 degrees and pouring huge, fat raindrops by the time we left for Detroit around 5pm.

I swapped out my precious heels for sneakers, threw on a rain coat and went to go pick up some TS fans!

It took us 3 hours to get to Ford Field from Ann Arbor, when normally it takes 45 minutes.  That was awesome :P

We made it!!!

^^ A bit disheveled from the wind and rain but that is a very happy me, woo hoo!

^^ We saw a Pegacorn and then headed into the stadium...

We made it just in time to watch Vance Joy (aka Loras Tyrell...am I right?) perform his last few songs.  Including 'Riptide' !  He was really good, I'm bummed we missed most of his set.

Not too bummed...


We were not very close, but the stadium seating was great, the screens were amazing, the speakers were amazing, the special effects were amazing.....did I mention that Taylor was amazing?  She put on an incredible show and performance!

She had light up bracelets taped to everyone's seats!  The bracelets were programed to light up different colors for each song she performed (Red for Bad Blood, multi-color flashing for Shake It Off, etc).  Pretty cool!

Her outfits were ridiculous!  It was fun to see her come out with a new one every couple of songs!

Throughout the 2-hour show, Taylor gave a few motivational speeches:

"You need to know what you are.  And what you are not.  You are not someone else's opinion of you."

Her speeches tended to transition smoothly into her next song...

"I wish there were only two options in a relationship.  You either leave.  Or you stay." (All You Had To Do Was Stay)

She promised a few surprises to us in the beginning of the show...and she delivered with Imagine Dragons!  WHAT?!

She performed a duet of Radioactive with Dan Reynolds.  It. Was. Awesome.  So cool!!!!

She busted out this little number during Style, obviously...

And her buds Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt joined her...

^^ We are never ever getting back together, UH!  Loved it.

Cats.  YES, CATS.

Of course she ended with Shake It Off!  This show was beyond incredible.  I can't believe it has taken me so long to see her on tour but it was so worth the wait - I'm still on cloud 1989!

Here is a link to her tour dates.  Seriously, go.  It's EPIC!


  1. Love your dress, especially with the tennis shoes :)
    Looks like a ton of fun!

    1. Ha! Thanks! I didn't want to risk my heels in the rain - I'm overprotective! It was such a great time, amazing show, she is touring through the fall, you should go :)

  2. Love the dress you wore! I hope the concert was super fun!
    xo, j

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to wear this dress again, my "Taylor" dress ;) The concert was incredible, fireworks, light show, remixed songs from her old albums, gah! Quite a memorable evening!

      Thanks for reading :) - Charlie

  3. YOU look incredible! Seriously love stopping by your blog!
    Sending you much love!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

    1. Vanessa, thank you!!! You're too sweet :) Thanks for reading!! xoxo, Charlie


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