Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Stacked Heels and Cage Sandals

A little photo shoe-t to kick off the work week...

Whenever I go abroad, I desperately want to wear heels when we go out, but those charming cobblestone streets will have none of it!

I've been so excited with the stacked heel trend this year and especially my new Vero sandals from M. Gemi.  I recently discovered M. Gemi and I can tell I'll be visiting their website often for my shoe needs (I use the term "needs" loosely).  M. Gemi is a direct-to-consumer company that promises Italian-made, luxury-quality shoes without the retail markup - I'll buy that!  Finally, quality without the $500+ price tag.

My other favorite shoes of the summer are these Joie cage sandals (Now 30% off at Shopbop).  I've already worn them here, herehere and mentioned them here but since I love them so much, I think they need a little extra attention on a shoe post.  These beauties will not be be coming abroad with me anytime soon, but they've fiercely been taking me all over Ann Arbor, and they are comfortable to boot!

What are your thoughts on stacked heels or cage sandals?  Afraid of feeling like you're at a disco or having sausage feet like KK?  Or are do you think you'll step up to the trend?  The topic is certainly foot for thought!

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