Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Barcelona ~ Part Five

We all have good intentions to see everything when visiting a new place.  But as the you succumb to the temptation to stretch out on a blanket at the beach or stop in a plaça for a sangria or cerveza, the days end up whizzing by, you've seen half of the places you wanted to see and suddenly it is time to go home.

Since we all had different 'must-see' places to check out before leaving Barcelona, Andy and I split off to go to the Museu Picasso, while the rest of the family went inside Casa Batllo...

We made a pit stop at the Plaça Royale for said sangria and cerveza...

And another stop for a buttery croissant or two...

We all met back up after a long day touristing in the sun in the city and we went as a family to Tras Paso.  Andy and Lesli had found this little gem a few nights prior, check out Barcelona ~ Part Four for the full story.

This salad.  Oh my.  Smoked salmon, grapes, walnuts, out-of-this-world dressing.  We shared this as an appetizer but I wanted the whole thing!

^^ Carne

^^ Pollo o Pato

^^ Atún

^^ Bebé

I swear we did things besides eat on this trip!  But, I'm sure you've got our faces memorized by my fifth Barcelona post so why not salivate over the lovely faces of our fishes and shrimps....



  1. I would love to go to Barcelona! It looks like an amazing trip!

    Her Heartland Soul

    1. Erin, you should! It was so much fun and has it all, beach, food, history, art... :) Thanks for stopping by!!!


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