Monday, April 20, 2015

Fruit Every D@mn Day

I love the #yogaeverydamnday I've been seeing on Instagram and I thought it worked pretty well to sum up this post too.  I don't quite do yoga every day (just sometimes like here) but I do try to incorporate fruit into my diet on a daily basis.

Fruit is also my sort of 'cure-all' if I'm ever feeling a little puffy or my clothes are feeling a bit tight.  By paying more attention to incorporating fruit, and drinking more water, I can easily get back on track to feeling good and my clothes fitting right.

I almost always have either an apple, orange or half of a grapefruit before I eat anything else in a day.  (Some would call this 'breakfast' but let's be honest, coffee is my true breakfast.)  Every once in a while I'll have berries, or something a little more exotic, like pineapple or mango, but apples and oranges are relatively cheap and they are conveniently portable, in case I don't have time to slice my fruit at home.  Bananas are obviously also very portable - there is a reason they are the most popular fruit in the world!  However, I don't usually count a banana toward my daily fruit intake unless I'm really stretched for time or something else isn't available.  Bananas have more calories and sugar than I like in my daily fruit.  One could absolutely argue that the protein and potassium benefits are worth it, but yogurt fills the protein and potassium needs for me.

Which brings me to my next point.  Since there are so few calories in the fruit I eat, having fruit for breakfast rarely tides me over for very long.  I usually have a yogurt after fruit to give me the energy I need to get to lunch.  If I'm really hungry during the workday, I'll have a half or whole coconut and almond Kind bar or a handful of almonds (which my awesome employer provides at the office).

So into my purse goes a yogurt and some fruit, everyday.  We all make decisions constantly all day.  For me, eating the 'same' thing everyday saves a bit of that decision-making brain power.  I don't have to think about it.  I'm definitely making a healthy choice today.  This way, I have to think about it when I want to splurge (Snickers?  Sure. #camfam)

I should mentioned that this whole fruit and yogurt spiel is only applicable during the work week.  On the weekends or on vacation, I can guarantee there will be a hearty brunch like this one or this one!

How about you?  Do you have any tips on saving decision-making energy or any cure-alls if your diet has been derailed?


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