Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Impulse Buy

"Know thy self, know they enemy.  A thousand battles, a thousand victories."  - Sun Tzu

The enemy here, is the impulse buy.  I think it is fair to say that impulse buys aren't usually the best, in one way or another.  I have made a lot of these in my life, but as I get older and I get to know myself better, it happens a lot less.

I love this post from Cupcakes and Cashmere.  Particularly her advice about defining her wardrobe.  Emily's new rule of thumb:  "I only purchase discounted items if I could see myself paying full price for them."  I will dare to say this is shopping genius.

I also have a shopping policy, or shopping rule of thumb.  It is my 'wait-a-day policy'.  If I like something, I email myself a note and let it sit there for at least a day.  I run it by Andy or another friend to see if they like it too.  This is also a little test to see if I should buy said item or not.  If I feel really in love with the item, then I have no problem sharing and it stays on the docket.  But if I feel awkward or unsure about something when I'm telling someone about it...I don't buy it.  Let's call it my 'blush test'.

I've had my wait a day policy for a while now and it works for the most part.  Sometimes I'll still make small impulse purchases (on accident), like this Nars lipstick in Heat Wave.  Friends, you know I don't wear lipstick.  I just love the idea.  It is so pretty but I'm just slightly awkward in lipstick (blush test fail!) and I drink water like it is going out of style and I get lipstick all over my water bottles and my face...it's just not a great situation.  Perhaps one day I'll give it another shot, but for now, I'll just let it sit prettily on my vanity and I'll pretend I'm going to wear it.

Recently I've been browsing for a new pair of flats for Spring.  For a while I thought I was going to splurge and go for these Charlotte Olympia flats.  I love cats, I love shoes.  The answer seemed obvious...until I ran them by Andy.  I couldn't take myself seriously that I wanted flats with a kitty face on it... *cue the blush*  See ya, Kitty Flats.

A pair that survived the wait-a-day policy, my blush test and Emily's rule of thumb ($75 off!), are these babies.  Chloe scalloped leather ballet flats.  They arrived a few days ago and they are velvety, soft.  They smell luxurious and they are incredibly comfortable.  I can't wait for the snow to go away so I can take them for a spin!

Another way to help stave off the enemy is a 'Capsule Wardrobe'.  I tried the Capsule Wardrobe from Un-Fancy last Fall and it went okay.  I love the idea but it was really hard for me to shop at the beginning of the season and not shop at all during the season.  Still, I sort of coordinate my purchases off of Caroline's capsule method.

I saw this article the other day that said not to go shopping hungry.  Hunger triggers an acquisitive mindset, generally, even if you're shopping for clothes!  I always carry snacks in my purse, but I didn't realize that this was beneficial for my bank account.  

Do you have any rules or plans to try to avoid the impulse buy?  Whatever works, right? :)

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