Sunday, March 29, 2015

Spring Mantel & Zingerman's Roadhouse

For the first six months of living in our house, our mantel was just a place to store the remote.  When we were volunteered (thanks sis, hehe!), as the newlyweds and new homeowners, to host our families for the holidays I decided we had to spruce it up a bit!

Since our kitten was only four months old, we couldn't have a tree or ornaments anywhere so I bought a fresh Boxwood wreath for our front door (I LOVE the bright green!  I wish I took a photo) and did what I could to festive-fy the mantel:  a round vase stuffed with pine cones, some shiny decorative balls, candles, a little gold wreath and a white ceramic reindeer.

But it's nearly April now, and the holidays are long gone, along with our festive-ish knick knacks.  And I am on a new mission to shop for some Spring mantel decorations!

Since it is never good to shop while you're hungry (read The Impulse Buy), we decided to go shopping downtown after a glorious breakfast with our family at Zingerman's Roadhouse.

My adorable nephew showing off his car artwork.  Gah!  His facial expression, what a love <3 <3

Pulpy goodness!  I only drink OJ when I have to chew it, mmm

My wonderful parents-in-law <3

Eggs Benedict

With fully bellies we headed downtown to Bed & Butter, a new store that opened on Main Street last fall.  I hadn't been in yet but the window arrangement is inviting and right up my alley.

Check out this interesting pyramid dude!

These animals would be cute in a kid's room

I've seen these diptyque candles in various photos lately and was curious what they are all about.  I learned that they are made in France, they burn for 50 to 60 hours and are very, very expensive for a candle.  So I sniffed up what I could of this scrumptious Feu de Bois, took a photo and moved on.

True story

Interesting and cute little geometric dish with a lid

Odd-shaped, sort of charming sugar dish

Those colors look familiar and cozy

I love the pop of color on the inside of these brass bowls!

Fun mini candles display!  I liked the way they looked but the scents didn't do anything for me unfortunately

Since I knew I wanted a candle, I was very happy when I came across this Sydney Hale hand-poured eucalyptus + sage one.  It burns 50 to 60 hours and 10% of profits of the company are donated to a dog rescue.  It is warm and crisp and everything I was looking for!

After I walked back and forth in the store for a good hour, I was ready to get my new treasures home to see what I could do to make our mantel feel more like Spring!!!

Fresh flowers are a must these days!  It is the easiest way to brighten up a room.  And it turns out this is the only place that Jules can't reach (and eat) the flowers.  The soft pink and green flowers looks good with the little gold dish!  

This green branch is actually a stalk of a house plant that Jules tore off.  It has survived on our mantel for at least a month at this point!  An odd item to decorate with but I think it is wonderful :)

Although our Spring mantel is still a bit sparse, I don't want to force anything!  I think a larger framed something would look really nice eventually and I'm sure I'll find items throughout the summer to swap in or add to these ones, but for now, I'm really happy with how it turned out!  

Doesn't this slab of wood just scream with how rustic we are? ;)

And finally the big picture, complete with a crazy kitten tearing through the room!  

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