Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Painting the Extra Bedroom

The color of this wall is so ugly, it hurts me.

The previous owners painted this room what I'm sure they thought would be a sunshine yellow and what I'm sure they thought would be a sky blue ceiling, with a sailboat boarder around the ceiling (not pictured, that had to go, right away).

When we moved into our house a year ago we decided to hold off on this bedroom because we didn't really need to use it.  We went from apartments and a tiny house downtown Ann Arbor to a new house with plenty of room.  We upgraded what we had to in order to be comfortable moving in - hardwood floors, a roof, paint and drywall repairs in the rest of the house - and held off on what we could handle waiting on.

We were okay with this room for a while, but, yikes I can't take it anymore.

Since the rest of our house has a lot of bold, darker grays, blues and greens, we thought we would go for an airy and somewhat neutral hue in this room.

Black Pepper (main floor) - Edgecomb Gray (hallway) -  Lewiville Green (office)

The adjoining hallway is Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray, so we picked three colors that might look nice near it.

It doesn't hurt that the names are mostly delicious...

Top to bottom:  Lancaster Whitewash, Vanilla Milkshake, Sugar Cookie

Lancaster White is out.  Way too close to this horrific yellow.  Blargh.

Vanilla Milkeshake (left), Sugar Cookie (right)

I thought Sugar Cookie would be the winner as I was painting but now I'm not so sure.  I'm kind of digging the Vanilla Milkshake.  What color would you vote for?  

Vanilla Milkeshake (left), Sugar Cookie (right)

Thanks to Andy for prepping the room for me.  If I was left to my own devices, I would skip the sanding and tarp and just start painting :)

The final member of our family, working hard...

That does not look comfortable.  Only a few more days until we get to take the cone off of this sad kitten.

Three coats later, some progress was made!  Don't get me started on that light fixture...

Follow me on Instagram @charlielbl and you'll see progress in real time (exciting!).  I will share the final product hopefully by this time next week, wish me luck!

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