Monday, March 9, 2015

My Birthday

As I've already mentioned several times, it was my birthday last Friday.  Andy and I have a tradition of going to one of our favorite Ann Arbor restaurants for special occasions, Logan.  The food is divine!  If you've never been (or went when they first opened), I highly recommend checking it out.  Logan had a somewhat limited and odd menu when it first opened in 2004, but now the menu hosts a variety of decadent options and there is something for everyone.

We had an 8:30 reservation, which left me plenty of time to get home from work, relax for a bit and get dressed up to go out.  Naturally I chose my sparkliest dress and shoes!  I got my dress from Asos and shoes are Jimmy Choo (old, similar here).  It was dark and nearly impossible to get a clear picture but we did our best!

How we were both ready in time to take a few photos and make our reservation on time is still beyond me, good job us!

Now to the really good stuff!  We were both ravenous and really looking forward to this meal so it was so hard to choose what to order from the menu.  We decided to order a bunch of different courses and share, this way we got to taste a lot of different things without having to deal with being too stuffed.

Just looking at these pictures is making me excited to go back for Andy's birthday in August, yum!

Cured Salmon with goat cheese and Greek yogurt sauce and mini garlic herb croutons.

Gruyere Caesar Salad

One cocktail down and happily waiting for our next course!  My first drink was the 'Beloved', rye whiskey, something else I can't remember and a splash of bubbly.  Andy had the 'Front Porch'. whiskey and fresh squeezed lemon juice.  We totally need his and hers of this shirt.

Wild Boar Bolognese over handmade pappardelle pasta.  I am a sucker for this dish, (we had something similar at Babbo last summer) - I think it was my favorite! 

Next, I had a discussion with our waiter about how to make a dirty like I like it.  Ketel One, the tiniest whisper of dry vermouth and a hint of olive juice ;)

Biscuits and butter came with our main

Bourbon Pork Tenderloin, creamy, crispy potato pave over a rich herbed pork reduction

When I asked our server for a shot of espresso he told me that they don't have a machine but they have THE BEST coffee, it is better than Roos Roast and Mighty Good (my jam), so I had to give it a try.  It was very tasty, smooth and rich!  I'll have to figure out what it was exactly...

The staff at Logan offered us a free dessert since it was my birthday and since Andy went to high school with that gentlemen over my right shoulder we got a second one too!  Not sure why I look murderous while I'm blowing out my candle, I really was enjoying myself :)

Chocolate mousse with pistachios, creme Anglaise and fresh berries

Fennel pollen creme brulee and berries

After dinner we met up with friends for more drinks at Black Pearl and then Bab's Underground Lounge to finish up the evening.  Nighttime pictures aren't necessarily worth it, but we tried anyway.

Thanks to my sweet friends for coming out to celebrate with me and a million times thank you to my dear husband who let me open my birthday presents a week early and spoils me like it is my birthday every single day!

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