Sunday, March 1, 2015

Engagement Photos - May 2014

I know some friends who are engaged and embarking on the wedding planning journey so I want to talk to you about engagement pictures.

Not only were our engagement photos perfect to use in our guestbook, but the extra time with our photographers was a blast.  We got to know them, they got to know us and we all laughed a lot and everybody wins.  I know some couples don't feel the need to have an engagement photo shoot and that's great, but if you're on the fence, keep reading.

I have to tell you, I'm SO so glad we did an engagement session because I am not used to being the center of attention and this was practice.  The engagement photo session really helped us get comfortable in front of the lens and made it that much easier on our wedding day to get the photos we really wanted.  Photos were super important to me because after the flowers wilt and the musicians go home, all you have left are your memories and your wedding pictures.  And your husband (xo!)

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our engagement session, maybe they'll inspire you to book an engagement session before your big day!  Forever photo credit to Alyssa & Drew Wagner Photography.  They are the BEST.

On the steps:  I'm 5'2" and Andy is 6'0" so when we came across these steps in the Arb, we had to take advantage of getting closer!

On what to wear:  Even though it was early May and not quite green outside, we still wanted to take photos in the Arb, where Andy proposed to me.  I decided to wear a green dress to play up the budding green there was in the trees and the grass.  It goes against what I imagined I would ever do.  My first idea was to wear something to stand out - to wear something bright and bold.  But I think the greens enhanced each other and draws your eye away from the brown (which is actually kind of charming and earthy).  I wouldn't normally wear a dress to the Arb and I didn't want to be completely out of place with my outfit but there was no chance I would give up wearing a dress to maintain the feminine look I prefer.    Also, I chose wedges for the Arb photos since if I wore heels I would stick right into the ground.  I like that this outfit is somewhat practical without losing any of the whimsy and magic of getting excited for our marriage!

On being prepared:  It was early May and it was cold and drizzly and I believe in being prepared.  In between photos I wore my raincoat (Michael Kors, old; similar here) and rainboots (Sperry, old; similar here - I love the micro-fleece lining) to stay warm and keep up with everyone else, since we were walking between locations in the Arb.  I'm glad she captured this photo of the in between outfit.  It's very real and I like that.

On choosing locations:  Andy came up with the idea of taking pictures in our house.  That didn't even cross my mind!  We had just moved into our house and we love it so much, so it makes sense that we would take some photos here before we went out adventuring.  Plus we got to change outfits in our house.  I mean, that was worth a lot to me! (Plus, plus our photographers were sweet enough to capture this photo of Mrs. Kitty, who passed away last October)

On changing shoes:  Since we were back on solid ground, I swapped out my wedges (and rainboots) for my glittery stilettos (Jimmy Choo, old; similar here).  Cement and pillars are urban.  Stilettos are urban.  Black and white and sweet glances are perfect for this setting.

You can see more of our wedding photos on Alyssa & Drew's Blog here and my post Semi-DIY Wedding if you're trying to manage the cost of your wedding or incorporate DIY touches on your big day.

Did you and your spouse get engagement photos taken?  If you planned to get married in the future, will you book an engagement session when the time comes?  Do you think they are a waste of time?


  1. Definitely not a waste of time! I've been married 23 years, we have only a few engagement photos and only because our wedding photographer offered it as a freebie! I think in many ways, they are even more fun than wedding photos!!! They show your sense of style and they are fun! There is soooo much pressure to get photos on your actual wedding day ....I really wanted some location shots done on our wedding day, but it was super hot day (in October!) and I could not imagine getting in the car and driving to another location, and missing an hour or so of our wedding. Our 16 yr old gets such a laugh out of our photos and I'm so glad to have them. We blew one up to 11X14 and matted it so everyone at the wedding could sign it, another really fun memory I have. In my day, there were no digital have so many choices now, take advantage of it! Photos are never, ever a waste of time, especially when it comes to children. It goes so freaking fast! I'm 47 and remember getting married at 23 like it was yesterday...I don't remember so much of my daughters childhood, and I only have one child! Best wishes to you, Meg Reilley

    1. Thank you for sharing your sweet story with me, Meg! Congratulations on 23 years of marriage, that's wonderful! I feel the same way about photos. Our wedding and honeymoon was only 4 months ago and I already love looking back through the photos and remembering what a special time it was. Although I don't have children I do have nieces and nephews and it is funny how it is hard to remember this intelligent little child as a baby, such a short time ago. Thank you for the feedback on finding me, I hope you like the Citrusy Rosemary Potatoes and visit again sometime :) Xo - Charlie

  2. BTW, I found your blog thru Cupcakes and Cashmere....saw your link for the Citurs Rosemary Potatoes and pinned it. I happened to see your question about engagement photos and just had to chime in!! xo Meg


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