Saturday, March 7, 2015

Blush Sweater and Elizabethan Collar

It was quite a long week with this little guy healing up from his surgery last Monday.  What was supposed to be a routine procedure turned into a little more than any of us thought it could be.  Apparently Jules is hypersensitive to pain and freaked out and injured himself when he came to after surgery.  He has to be given medicine every 8 hours to keep him calm and comfortable.  I didn't want to medicate him but he is a really wild 6 month old kitten so this was the only way to help him heal properly.  I've been getting up with him in the middle of each night to give him his medicine and then checking back in at 5 am to make sure his e-collar was still secure (naturally he tries to rip it off all the time, wah wah) and that he has everything he needs in his little room.

Friday (my birthday!) was the first day this week that I was able to pick him up since the surgery so we are both pretty happy with his progress.  

I'm wearing my new Gap Moss-stitch raglan sweater that I picked up on sale last week.  I love scooping up sale sweaters at the end of winter.  This blush color will be easy to wear through March while it's still cold, as we transition into Spring.

Jules is wearing his clear, Elizabethan collar with black trim that we picked up at the vet at full price. 

I hope you're all enjoying this relatively warm and sunny Saturday!

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