Friday, February 13, 2015

Mid-Winter Inspiration

I'm getting the shopping itch!  I'm sure at least some of you know what I'm talking about.  The new arrivals emails I keep getting in my inbox are not helping.  But I'm trying to be good and not make any impulse buys just yet.  It's tough when spring dresses are catching my eye, I'm wondering if I'm going to buy into the chunky high-heeled sandal thing that's going on (probs not, we'll see) and I'm debating my next pair of jeans (it has literally been like 20 days since my last purchase whoops)...

But I'm trying to be good!  So I went looking in my closet for some mid-winter inspiration; to see what I can do with what I already have.  I figure if nothing else, this is a great excuse to organize my closet and tackle my pile of clothes that needed to be ironed.  

Hooray!  As it turns out, this little exercise helped me realize I can hold out for a little longer!  And an added bonus is getting dressed for work this week has been pretty easy :)

Black Sweater

I normally wear this cropped black sweater with dark jeans and black boots.  Starting off with a small change, I swapped out my dark jeans for white jeans.  White jeans feel a little less gloomy than the multiple shades of black I gravitate toward in the winter.  The cropped sweater was a recent addition from the sale rack at Banana, it's 100% cotton which is great because I can't do wool unfortunately.  It's nice and soft and has a fun texture to it!  I found a similar black sweater here.  My J. Crew Jeans are available here.  My boots are Eric Michael.  I've not really heard about Eric Michael before last year but they are really well made and they have a nice velvety lining.  I bought them at  at Van Boven Shoe Store in Ann Arbor (they are waterproof too! Insane.)

I love the back detail!

Cream Cardigan

This cream cardigan is from Von Maur (100% Acrylic) in the juniors section.  I love wearing scarves but I like how this one doesn't require it.  You can cuddle up in this one on its own!  These are Eric Michael boots from last year.  LOVE.  The tank top is from The Limited.


Oh this scarf.  I ordered this infinity scarf from Piperlime because my friend Beth was wearing a similar one and I liked it.  Now, I might have to order it in grey.  And it's on sale, what?!  This shirt is from Gap.  You can find it here in a different print.

My split-second bob.
Apparently it's all the rage (check it out here & here)

Oversized Sweater

I normally wear this sweater with leggings but I decide to throw it on since I already had the white pants on and this happened.  I kind of like it!  This one is sort of similar (homegirl needs some pants though.)

These boots go with everything I own.  It's pretty great.

Casual Dress

This is my favorite casual dress right now.  It is Velvet by Graham & Spencer, you can find it here.  Super soft and comfy but fitted enough and can be dressed up or down easily.  I have a pair of suede booties I bought in Amsterdam a few years ago that I like to wear with this dress and with sheer soft black pantyhose.  I also wear this dress to the office with a black cardigan and these black boots.  Not a huge change but this white and blue infinity scarf from Von Maur brightens the look a little.  I can't wait to transition this dress into Spring with my Portovelo shoes.  Best summer shoes ever.  They give Tom's a run for his money!  Thanks to Ara for introducing me!


These are the Paige jeans I mentioned before.  I tried to take a close up but they are so dark I'll have to wait until it is warm enough to photograph outside.  My blazer is Tinley Road Bleecker Blazer from Piperlime.  Unfortunately it's sold out but my original inspiration was from Linda's Gap blazer, similar to this one.  The fun liner gets me ever time!  My top is from Madewell, my friend Elle told me I had to buy it because it was silk top marked down like 50%.  I was hesitant when I bought it but ever since then I'm in love with it!  I'd wear it every day if I could!  It is a tough for me to find clothes at Madewell since everything is pretty loose and I get lost in their clothing.  But I'm sure I'll keep trying because their clothes look so fresh!

I love the little puffed shoulder!

Do you ever dig around in your closet for new outfit ideas?  Find anything good?  I'd love to hear about it :)


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    1. P.S. Love the photos! You are a beautiful model!

    2. Ha, you deserve the shout out, it's my favorite! You're so sweet, thank you!!!


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