Thursday, February 26, 2015

Long Hair, Don't Care

Chah right!  Growing long hair takes at least some care and effort to keep it looking healthy.  Here is a photo of my hair at its longest and healthiest (and prettiest, there I said it).  Thanks Mama Lesli for the photo!

Back to my point...

I have some tips I've picked up over the years that have helped me successfully grow healthy, long hair.  I thought I should share for two reasons.  The first is I have a pretty good regimen (that isn't that difficult) that keeps my hair soft, shiny and relatively not frizzy and maybe you'll like it too.  And the second is because I want to hear from you!  If you have any methods for maintaining healthy hair, let's hear it sista'!

Trim regularly:  Let's be realistic about what long hair is.  It is dead and old (sexy, huh?).  In order to keep your hair healthy, you have to stay up to date on your trims!  Every 8 to 12 weeks, possibly 6 to 8 weeks if there is a lot of breakage.  Four cuts a year isn't that much time and is a relatively cheap way to get healthy hair. 

Watch out for your purse strap:  Move your hair before you put your purse strap over your shoulder.  A stylist once told me that the majority of his female clients come in with one side of her hair shorter than the other and it is because she breaks her hair with her purse strap.  This one is easy, so for goodness sake, move your hair out of harm's way.

Don't shampoo everyday:  If you can help it.  I'm sure there are exceptions out there that need to or can wash her hair everyday and it's all good but I'm not one of them.  I try to schedule my work outs to line up with my shampoo schedule (I will sometimes hit up the 6am work out class just so I can wash my hair in the morning, ha!).  I always try to go for as long as possible without washing my hair but it never lasts that long, 2 maybe 3 days if I'm lucky.  Cooking is usually my downfall since the hood over my stove is ancient and doesn't do it's job and suddenly I smell like bacon and onions.

Speaking of Shampoo (and Conditioner):  Spoil yourself.  Just do it.  You get one head of hair to take care of so you might as well get the good stuff when it comes to shampoo and conditioner.  I'm aware that the good stuff is expensive, so what I'll do to make the cost more manageable is change things up almost every bottle.  Sometimes I'll use Herbal Essences shampoo with a Bumble & Bumble conditioner.  Or a Pureology Shampoo with Agadir Argan Oil Conditioner.  Right now I'm on Bumble & Bumble Thickening Shampoo and Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Conitioner.  I like them all but I like changing them better :)

Use a comb, not a brush:  I just learned about this one, which is kind of sad but better late than never I suppose.  Don't use a brush on wet hair, use a comb since they are gentler on your hair.  Even good combs are pretty cheap so make a $3 investment and only comb wet hair or use your fingers to remove tangles.  

Okay if you have to use a brush:  I use a round brush when I want to blow out my hair, so even I don't always stick to my ideals.  But if you must use a brush to style, choose one with widely spaced plastic bristles since they are smoother and kinder to your hair.  Still, natural bristles, like boar hair bristles, make it easier grip and to style hair.  I go with the combo bristles to try to damage less.  I also try not to twist or pull my hair to tight while blow drying

Use a heat-styling protective agent:  My stylists used Nectar Thermique on my hair about a year and a half ago and I can't imagine that I ever lived without it!  I use it after every shower, whether I'm going to heat style my hair or not.  This is one of the few heat protecting products out there that apparently is still nourishing even without heat.

Do a weekly hair mask:  With this dry winter weather, I've started a weekly hair mask.  I use Masque Force Architecte.  I've only been using this one for about a month but I look forward to the special treatment on Saturdays and it smells like candy and leaves my hair super soft.

Kerastase Fusio-Dose Homelab:  This is another favorite product discovery.  Kerastase has created a customizable, homelab treatment.  Apparently the active ingredients in the treatment deliver deep, target action to the transform your hair fiber.  I've been told that this treatment repairs inside of your hair rather than just the outside (most products and masks only work on the outside of your hair).  I don't understand exactly how it works, but it always makes my hair look and feel healthier, making it much easier to go the full 12 weeks between trims.

To buy this you can locate a salon near you to see who sells the homelab.  One treatment is $25 at Salon Vox and it only takes a few minutes.  Then I have the option to pay another $75 to take the other 3 treatments home.  I usually do this treatment every 3 weeks but I'll skip it if I don't feel like I need it.

Eep, only 1 left!

Since I think photos usually make a post more fun, I'm going to cross the line here.

This next part has zero to do with growing your hair out.  You've been warned.

This little one followed me to the bathroom when I went to take a photo of my homelab and he was being way too cute to resist a mini-photo shoot.

Eat your heart out ladies.

That was fun :)  Now back to business....what's your M.O. for growing and caring for long hair?

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