Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bikram Yoga Phase

As I've mentioned, I have some time on my hands.  Nothing I have to do (except work, of course).  It is pretty crazy.  This might be a first time since...middle school, maybe?

Anyway, I've been feeling pretty strange lately when people ask me 'what's new?'  It feels pretty unnatural when all I have to respond is that I've started watching a new show on Netflix, Archer. And let me tell you, it is hilarious.  It is kind of like Cards Against Humanity.  Just beware it is a little wrong but you can't help but enjoy it.

Something a little more exciting to talk about is I've started doing Bikram again to remember what it is like to be warm!  Not many people I know do it, so let me tell you about what Bikram is for me.

My career involves a lot of work on a computer.  I'm in year 6 of real life (life after college) and my back feels it.  Think about it, your at a computer, arms forward, pulling on your upper back muscles, possibly slight hunched as much as you try to fight it, a little lower back get the idea.  

Sure, you can keep your feet flat, back slightly arched, shoulders back, forearms at waist level.  Ya know, like this.  This posture doesn't take into account that the screen doesn't look the same all day (different fonts, etc) and that most people have laptops.  Also the obvious fact that people come in all shapes and sizes and not everyone is going to line up with the desk and chair they work at.  Keeping a proper posture all day everyday, its pretty tough.

Try as you might, back pain still happens.  I've done a lot of things to try to relieve back pain - massages, circuit training, chiropractor, flow yoga - and the only thing that works like a charm is Bikram Yoga.  I'm kind of hooked right now.  I call this a phase because I have a tendency to have seasonal work outs, once it gets warm again, I'm sure I'll switch things up a bit.

I'm not not flexible but I'm not the most flexible.  I have super tight hips and tight shoulders and pecs.  But it is pretty amazing how the heat and consistency in going once or twice a week I can see some progress.

I included some photos of others after my photos so you can see what the postures are supposed to look like, enjoy!

Standing Head to Knee Pose

This looks very cheerleader-y.  I need to lower that leg to make 90° next time.

(Photo here)

Balancing Stick Pose

Almost there!

(Photo from here)

Standing Bow Pulling Pose

You know, I thought I was better at this one than I actually am!  Definitely something to work on.

(Photo here)

Eagle Pose

It looks easy, but I'm pretty proud of this one.  Finally got the toe to wrap!

(Photo here)

Will you ever try Bikram?  It is an experience if nothing else.  Come on, YOLO.

Namaste, friends!

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