Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Paige Jeans

We all know a great pair of jeans is hard to find.  Ever since leaving the business casual world of public accounting, jeans have become very important to my work wardrobe.  I think I've found a good brand and it would be selfish of me not to share!

I don't want to take the credit for actually locating this particular jean so I'll give you a brief recap of how it all went down.  A few weeks ago, my co-workers and I were discussing how hard it is to find a pair of jeans that stretch but can keep their shape throughout the day.  Our intern told us the jeans we are looking for are Paige Jeans.  One friend volunteered to be the guinea pig and she ordered them to review and report back.  She found a pair on Amazon here and had them within a week.

Success!  She said "you'll love them" and they fit true to size, so I ordered mine (twist my arm, seriously).

It was true!  They fit perfectly - snug with a nice stretch and I wore them 3 times without washing and they never got saggy or stretched out!  I think they had a few more wears in them but I went to a somewhat smelly dive bar and didn't want to find out the hard way if the smell lingers on these jeans.

As much as I prefer the softness of cotton, mostly cotton jeans always seem to get stretched out too quickly to make them worth my time.  These jeans are 80% cotton, 19% polyester, 1% spandex, and they are made in the US to boot!

Another jean success story is a pair I bought last year from J. Crew Toothpick Jean in Ecru (no longer available unfortunately).  J. Crew jeans are hit or miss for me.  I find it odd that the same cut isn't always made out of the same materials.

What brand and style of jeans do you love?

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